About Us

Marimba Publications Limited, which was incorporated as Limited Liability Company in 1997, publishes books in both Kiswahili and English. So far, it has published plays, anthologies of poetry, novels, children’s story books and students’ study guides. The company has succeeded in achieving a convergence of relevance and elegance in every book it has published. Its books exhibit some of the highest standards in content, editing, cover design, lay-out, printing and binding. Furthermore, the illustrations in the children’s story books are spectacular.

Marimba books have received a well-deserved endorsement from the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). Some of the books have been selected by the Institute for use in Kenya’s education system. Kifo Kisimani, a play by Kithaka wa Mberia, was a secondary school set-book from 2005 to 2012. Likewise, Natala, another play by the same author, was an examination book for students in the Teacher Training Colleges from 2005 to 2016. Many other books by the Company are approved by the Institute for use in schools and are listed in the Institute’s Orange Book.

Marimba Publications Limited incorporates Marimba Language Consultancy. The Consultancy provides services in translation, interpreting, editing and artistic communication. Moreover, it offers language courses to groups and individuals and conducts training in public speaking and specialised writing. Whereas the Consultancy’s operations revolve around Kiswahili and English, the Company has the capacity to work in other languages when there is demand.