Communication is a very important aspect of human life. It enables meaningful interactions among people and supports human activities be they social, economic, political or religious. Yet, not everyone has the skills necessary to communicate effectively. Indeed, there are people who can hardly express what they would like pass across. Some people have excelled in life propelled by their flawless and elegant communication. Others have their lives stuck in the rut of life’s road due to inadequate communication skills. There are students who score very high grades
because, besides having very good brains, they also have impeccable communication skills that enable their examiners to access their correct answers. Conversely, there are brilliant learners who consistently score poor marks because they can hardly express themselves in clearly and coherently. Their correct answers are hidden in the rubble of their poor communication making it impossible or very difficult for the examiner to assess them. This section of contains entries that will empower you to realize your dream whether it is to write effective university essays and project reports; to turn in a clear, concise, coherent and non-offensive article for a newspaper or magazine; or to deliver a powerful and memorable speech at your organization’s annual general meeting or at your campaign rally.