Marimba Language Consultancy


Marimba Language Consultancy is a Division of Marimba Publications Limited. It offers services in translation, interpreting, editing, artistic communication, language teaching and training for different types of writing. We also train people interested in public speaking. The Consultancy’s operations revolve around English and Kiswahili. However, we have the human resource to work with other languages when need arises.

The Consultancy has a pool of highly qualified individuals all of whom are PhD or Master of Arts holders in linguistics or Swahili studies. All the consultants have taught Swahili, English or linguistics in Kenya’s public universities for many and have proven competences in areas in which they perform language consultancy roles for Marimba Language Consultancy.

The Lead Consultant holds a PhD in linguistics and has been teaching linguistics and Kiswahili to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department of Linguistics and Languages, University of Nairobi, for the last three decades. Besides teaching at the University of Nairobi, he has since early 1980’s taught Swahili at different levels to student groups and individuals from outside East Africa who have visited Kenya for their Semester Abroad. These groups and individuals have been enabled to learn Swahili from the scratch to impressive spoken and written competences within two to three months. Besides teaching Kiswahili in Kenya to both locals and foreigners, the Lead Consultant has also taught the language in the United States of America as a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence in one of the American universities.

The Lead Consultant has successfully undertaken translation and editing jobs for numerous organizations in Kenya and abroad. For further information, please contact us through: